Trager® Principles - Part I

The Principles of the Trager® approach Part I

by Jack Liskin

To commit the principles of Milton Trager's approach to the linear and neatly subdivided printed page is to automatically exclude the effective expression of one essential principle: it is at the core a feeling experience. Milton has little faith in the capacity of the written or the spoken word to convey the feeling at the heart of his work. "Put enough words together and you have a book," he swiftly summarizes his bleak view of the value of words in truly understanding that experience. Yet the spread of his work to the larger community, where words and explanations are critically important, has been slowed by the lack of an organized and systematic elaboration of its underpinnings. Milton views verbal exposition of his approach as useful only to the extent that it stimulates people to seek out the feeling experience embodied in the work.

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