President's Message - April 2019


Dear Trager Community,

Warm Spring Greetings, I hope that all is well,

Tragerland central is busy with many activities. We’re gearing up for what is promising to be a successful and groundbreaking conference thanks to the visionary and grounded efforts of Madelana Ferrara and her wonderful team, Stephanie Artz, Richard Mack and others. We are also making strides with the website, and you will see changes including additional articles featuring Adrienne Stone, Jack Liskin, Trevor Dyson, and Christian Duval. Other sections of the website continue to be revamped and improved.

In recent conversations with Tragerista’s I’ve twice heard the word ‘fluidity,’ one of those in relation to an instructor’s thoughts around courses and procedures in relation to Trager. We like to consider fluidity as a guiding principle in decisions and changes around all things Trager. Our various standards are, of course, of paramount importance though many were created amidst the backdrop of a previous phase of growth in our organization that can create unintended impediments in our current state. If we view these many policies through the lens of ‘what could be more fluid’ given our current situation, we might spy solutions otherwise elusive. 

We continue to make groundbreaking changes at the USTA, including significant budgetary cuts while focusing on responsive, personal service for our members, and a pioneering conference highlighting our approach and adding to its credibility. We are also actively expanding our video archives which you’ll hear about next month. 

We are all grateful for this shared bond in the Spirit of this fun, elegant, meditative and extremely effective work that came to Milton and which he so openly shared. As he once said with characteristic simplicity, ‘I’ve got this thing, and it works.’

Happy Spring,

Joseph Rodin