July 2019 Member Spotlight - USTA

Ashley Leigh Jacobs

My Trager Journey

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I first learned of Trager during one of my first days in massage school in 2013.  My instructor was giving a Swedish demo and casually talking through what she was doing.  With the client laying supine on the table, she picked up her arm, wiggled it around in the air and said, “And I’m just going to do a little Trager...”.  I tilted my head, somewhat dumbfounded at what I had seen and could only think, “That’s not Massage.  So what is it?”.  

I went home and immediately researched this Trager thing and was hooked, line and sinker.  I wanna be free in my body! And I wanna give this feeling others!  

To me, Trager is a different perspective of how to move well in my body.  Prior to that, I’d done mostly vinyasa yoga and strength training to force my body to stretch and strengthen.  I had to consciously take deep breaths to allow my body to relax.  Now, I chuckle when I begin my Mentastics and my body decides for itself to take deep breaths... it just happens and I’m home in hookup.  Easy.

Trager takes the work out of my bodywork practice and I get the most joy out of seeing the look on people’s faces after their first session.  

Currently, I’m happy to be welcomed back at Georgetown Massage and Bodywork in DC where I will begin offering Trager sessions next week!

I also have a home practice which I adore.  I play ocean waves on the background and my studio/living room is plastered with bohemian patterns and shades of blue and overlooks the eastern sky. 

Email: a.leigh.jacobs@gmail.com