Gwen Crowell


Gwen Crowell received her degree in 1974 from the University of California at Santa Cruz. She was introduced to the work of Dr. Milton Trager when she went to massage school in Berkeley. She worked with Dr. Trager from 1978 until his passing in 1997. Attracted by the joyful movement and ease of the work, Gwen was delighted to share Trager® first with clients and then with students beginning in 1985 when Dr. Trager selected her as one of his instructors.

Gwen was a pioneer in bringing Trager to Washington and has maintained a private practice since 1979. She enjoys listening and attending to people. Through Trager, Gwen assists others in sustaining a positive and productive internal awareness, leading to kinder, gentle relationships with themselves and others. As a teacher, she effectively guides students, helping them to anchor moments of understanding and to recognize and celebrate their competencies. She is the designer of this Trager Program and a core faculty member at Discoverypoint. Gwen has also been a guest lecturer at Bastyr University and teaches Trager certification classes throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. She enjoys participating in the creative process of Trager and witnessing clients and students transform through the power of touch.

Phone: 206-367-3939