SCIENCE SUPPORTING TRANSFORMATION: What we know now in neurology that can be applied at the table today

Gerry Leisman, M.D., Ph.D.


Science Supporting Transformation: What we know now in neurology that can be applied at the table today

This workshop is designed for somatic practitioners including massage and body work practitioners, dance educators, medical and physical/occupational therapists, yoga therapists and instructors, as well as educators from all backgrounds. Join Dr. Gerry Leisman, researcher and functional neurologist, as he shows & tells the latest research findings from the laboratory and demonstrates how this knowledge can immediately impact your work in a positive and effective manner. With the intention to provide useful information from the study of the brain, movement, and consciousness, Dr. Leisman will address the needs of those professionals who work with people and their thought and movement patterns to effect any kind of health benefit. Didactic as well as practical applications will be offered.

Laura Lynn Giubardo


Yoga with a Trager Approach

This session will offer a combination of movements from both Yoga and Mentastics® designed to offer a feeling of space and freedom to the practitioner. How could it be to move deeper into a yoga pose by doing less?