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Continuing Education Training >> Elective

April 19-22, 2019

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Faculty: Amrita Daigle

Language of Instruction: English

Language of Translation: This training will be unilingual.

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About Amrita: Amrita works in the field of somatic education since 40 years. She has been a yoga and a massage teacher before becoming a TRAGER® Practitioner in 1983. She has studied with Milton Trager over a period of 15 years and is a TRAGER International Instructor since 1991. She has trained TRAGER professionals in the Middle East, in Europe and in North America.

Notes: Prerequisite: Active Practitioner status + at least some teaching experience in TRAGER or in other modalities OR Current Tutor, Tutor Trainee, Instructor, Instructor Trainee, Anatomy Teacher status OR Active Practitioner status + an Instructor recommendation. Maximum of 8 students. Approved TRAGER Elective training. Master class format. Participants will co-lead a TRAGER class with guests students on the last training day, under the supervision of Amrita. Tuition is in CAN dollars. Great rate advantage for people coming from Europe and the USA. $ 50 CAN discount if registration completed before March 15. Class taught in English. Beautiful French flavour town. Affordable accommodation available. Kindly register as soon as possible, for logistical reasons. Thank you.

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Amrita Daigle



Prerequisite: Active Practitioner status + at least some teaching experience in TRAGER or in other modalities OR Current Tutor, Tutor Trainee, Instructor, Instructor Trainee, Anatomy Teacher status OR Active Practitioner status + an Instructor recommendation.Tragerwork is a health enhancing system of movement therapy that consists of dancelike movements intended to evoke sensations of freedom and lightness.

This TRAGER CE ELECTIVE course requires Certification in the Trager® Approach. You’ll deepen your experience of Movement Mentastics through demonstrations and supervised practice. Trager® is a valuable approach for anyone who wants to elevate awareness in themselves and their clients.


Trager® tablework consists of deep, fluid rocking movements (oscillations) of muscles and joints combined with compression and gentle traction. This feeds into the nervous system resulting in dramatic muscular relaxation, along with feelings of lightness, freedom, and flexibility. The client is also shown simple movements called Mentastics which helps integrate the profound changes in the body.


Deepen your own practice of Trager and increase your effectiveness at working with clients and groups. This serves as a wonderful introduction to those considering becoming Trager Instructors.


During the whole training, personalized coaching provides the participants with clear and direct guidance — self-confidence grows as a result of this deeper inner clarity.

The content is tailored to meet the students’ different levels of development beginners and experienced TRAGER leaders have felt as nourished from Amrita’s customized accompaniment. This class can be taken more than once, with great benefits.


My practice is already improving from the many "pearls of wisdom" Amrita so magically gives in this awesome class, especially keeping things simple and easy and hearing and acknowledging feedback from my clients. My hook-up has deepened, and my pleasure has increased. Amrita is an awesome model of hook-up. Get ready for a fun, rewarding journey! ─Karyn Deibel

This class is worth far more than the customary fee for an elective. It is as if I hired a personal coach for speaking about, modeling, and teaching Trager principles in a group setting. Priceless! Amrita brings out the best in everyone. She utilizes every moment as a teaching moment. I consider it an essential class for every practitioner, even if there is not an aspiration for status change. ─Eileen Dickinson, Tutor, IWL, Class Organizer

Amrita's class was very empowering; it really raised my confidence level. I appreciated her specificity at defining a process. It makes everything clearer and logical. Amazing how many things she can observe and keep track of at the same time, while still framing all feedback positively. ─Anne Galbraith

Amrita models a masterful teaching style and shares it with grace and enthusiasm. Her class offers practical tips for working with groups. My favorite was how to hold a global focus on the group and yet create a Mentastics class out of individual needs so that participants leave with personalized instruction to take home with them. The teaching is offered at multiple levels so both beginning and seasoned practitioners leave feeling inspired and filled with new visions of sharing Trager. ─Sylvia Middlebrooks

I had the realization that you teach a Trager class in the same manner that you give a Trager session – you respond to what is actually happening versus having an agenda for what the students should be doing or feeling. This seems obvious, but coming from teaching in a much different setting, it was a huge AHA moment for me. ─Suzy Wienckowski

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