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Level I (as part of 3-Month Training Program)

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Professional Training >> Level I

2019 Sep 20-Dec 8

Silver Spring, Maryland

Faculty: Roger Tolle, Laura Lynn Giubardo, Aleen Seidel, and Robbin Phelps

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Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI)


Trager Training Program - Three Month Level I Module

Upon successful completion of this Module of training which includes Level I and Mentastics Foundations classes and fieldwork (Practice Days, reading and writing assignments, 30 sessions given, 10 sessions received, and 3 tutorials), Students will receive a Certificate in “Level I Trager”, which is a Student status.

Prerequisites for this program are taking an introductory Trager workshop plus receiving at least one session, or receiving at least two sessions.

September 20:

Mentastics; Trager Foundational Principles, A Field of Practices, Practice Session Protocol, Sensory Presence, Feeling Suspension, Feeling Weight

September 21-22:

Level I, (part A) Program Overview, and Supine Tablework

October 6:

Practice day (Optional, no charge)

October 25:

Mentastics: Trager Foundational Principles, Sustaining Curiosity, Taking out the Slack, Compassionate Visual/Kinetic/Tactile Observation, Feeling for Fluidity

October 26-27:

Level I (part B) Prone Tablework

November 3:

Practice day (Optional, no charge)

November 22:

Mentastics: Client Focus, Contact with Presence, Working with Imagery, Reframing Expectations, Addressing Symptoms with Holistic Movement Education.

November 23-24:

Level I (part C) Sidelying Tablework, Structure for Practice Sessions, Documentation

December 8:

Practice day (Optional, no charge)

All Classes taught by Roger Tolle with Laura Lynn Giubardo, and assisted by Aleen Seidel and/or Robbin Phelps.

All Practice days supported by Aleen Seidel and/or Robbin Phelps.


A unique, neuromuscular approach to body and movement re-patterning.

This stand alone CE course also serves as a first step towards Certification in the Trager® Approach. You’ll experience and explore both Table-work and Movement Mentastics through demonstrations and supervised practice. Trager® is a valuable approach for anyone who wants to elevate awareness in themselves and their clients.


Trager® tablework consists of deep, fluid rocking movements (oscillations) of muscles and joints combined with compression and gentle traction. This feeds into the nervous system resulting in dramatic muscular relaxation, along with feelings of lightness, freedom, and flexibility. The client is also shown simple movements called Mentastics which helps integrate the profound changes in the body.


  • Achieve better results with less strain.

  • Effect changes in Fascia, Joints, and fluids.

  • Go from muscle release to muscle re-patterning.

  • Facilitate Central Nervous System Re-Integration.

  • Develop Greater Compassion, Mindfulness and Presence.


The following beneficial effects have been reported, however Trager is not a substitute for traditional medical care:

  • Improved balance and decreased spasticity

  • Dissolution of internalized effects of trauma in the body

  • Greater ease and joy of movement with decrease of pain

  • Deeper feelings of personal integration and peace and decreased anxiety


By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate refined palpation skills within a whole body sequence

  • Work with greater ease, effectiveness, and mindful attention with Trager and other related modalities.

  • Demonstrate use of Trager Principles in movement and table work to significant effect for most areas of the body.

  • Effect deep relaxation and central nervous system regulation in the receiver.

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Level II
Later Event: October 18
Level IV