Stephani-lila Murdoch

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Stephani-lila Murdoch has been a Trager Practitioner since 1985. In addition she is a Trager Tutor, Tutor Supervisor, and Supervised Practice Leader.

Stephani-lila has traveled internationally working as a guest therapist and/or Tutor in Namibia, Italy, Canada, Germany, Vietnam, and many cities in the US. She also volunteered extensively for one year to work with first responders, police, EMT, and families of those affected by the 9/11 attack.

Stephani-lila was employed at the Gateway Institute in Bethlehem, Pa. as well as a visiting therapist at the Upledger Brain and Spinal cord Clinic in West Palm Beach, Fla. where she focused specifically on programs provided for Vietnam Veterans.

Stephani-lila trained for many years with both Milton Trager, innovator of The Trager Approach, and Dr John Upledger, founder of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and The Upledger Institute. As a Trager Practitioner, Stephani-lila uses her hands to communicate a quality of feeling to the nervous system during tablework and then guides her client to move with that feeling on their own. Her clients often report new feelings of grace and ease, heightened levels of vitality, greater mobility, and deep feelings of peace.

Her passions are her family, travel, her work, music, and practicing the art of keeping open to giving and receiving the vast and limitless gifts with which being in the present moment offers.

Phone: 610-597-7153