Cynthia Arnold-Cohen

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Cindy has been practicing the Trager™ Approach since 2005.  She is a Certified Trager™ Practitioner, a PA state licensed massage therapist (LMT), and is board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork (BCTMB).

Cindy works along the age spectrum with people on their lifelong journey.  She works with people who dance on two feet and people who dance from a wheel chair, with people who enjoy a vigorous workout and with those who enjoy robust chair aerobics, with people who talk and with people who are non verbal, with people who see and with people who are unsighted, with people who have an affinity for healthy and safe tactile contact and with those who wish to increase their tolerance for safe, therapeutic movement and touch.

Cindy’s practice includes work with people who are resilient and vibrant.  Some of her clients seek to manage symptoms associated with stress, fibromyalgia, parkinsonism, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, stroke, traumatic brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, emotional / intellectual differences, and ordinary aches and pains.

Prior to practicing the Trager™ Approach, Cindy gleaned 19 years of experience (line management and staff positions) in the corporate world.  She is grateful for the knowledge that the human performance improvement (HPI) community taught her.  She postulates that if more companies understood and invested in these basic HPI principles, employees would enjoy a healthier work life balance, leading to increased and creative productivity and less illness.

Cindy is a long time yoga practitioner and believes in incorporating Trager™ and yoga philosophies into daily life.

Phone: 610-283-0798