Judy Fasone


Judy is a Senior Trager® Practitioiner, Tutor, and Mentastics Teacher. She has been intimately involved in Integrative health as a nurse and became a Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse and Health and Wellness Coach in 2015. She has in all over 30 years of caring for others. Judy empowers others to find their own pathway to health through Touch, Mentastics Movement and by offering Functional Nutritional Classes. She has helped many practitioners grow their practices with her Phone Conferencing Class "Business Sense/Cents". If you need some encouragement growing your practice, Judy will help you set and meet goals, in a playful and positive way, using the Trager principles in every interaction. After spending 8 years educating nurses about self care and alternatives holistic interventions at the bedside, she is returning to private practice and teaching the Trager. Approach again. She would love to help you grow your community by offering introductory workshops, tutorials, supervised practice days and Mentastics Classes in your location. Judy knows the power of self care, self love and self acceptance. Self Care IS Health Care. With proper care and attention, the body will last a lifetime! Judy teaches the language of love through touch and movement.

Email: judyfasone@gmail.com

Website: judyfasone.com