Meaningful Movement: An Introduction and Practical Experience

This workshop moves us from simple sensory awakening, to arriving all together, to deeper self-regulated, body-centered, health-enhancing, mind-body practices. We’ll flow in and out of internal self-exploration, partner games, and small group sharing. We’ll become more aware of transition states as we shift our attention, focusing inward, focusing outward. We’ll dive into dedicated practice where moving is its own reward – both the teacher and the lesson. And we’ll re-ignite an integrated practice where newly felt experiences can be woven into all our activities throughout the rest of the conference -- and forward into life.

Meaningful Movement: Mentastics as a Field of Practices

How can we define in simple terms the vast array of movement explorations inherent in Milton Trager’s approach -- the qualities, attitudes, intentions, uses, applications, and benefits all in the name of Mentastics? The overlaps with other somatic and spiritual practices plant Milton’s work firmly in the middle of contemporary dialog around mindfulness, neuroplasticity, tissue regeneration, self-realization, and even peace and justice work. To connect with other disciplines, where do we find simple language that doesn’t become simplistic, language that includes the work’s intentional and potent playfulness, along with its profound, brain-changing wisdom. Join me and get blissfully lost in this field of practices, all growing in the fertile soil of sensory presence.

Stephani-lila Murdoch; Cindy Popp-Hager; Gwen Crowell


Flowing Thought

With movement as an integral language of our Trager Approach discipline, we will lead small groups through a digesting process of integration to reflect on the material discussed in the panel experience and produce questions from the group to be brought to the panelists in the afternoon session.