Help us grow

We are fortunate to receive volunteer and/or very affordable services from members of our community. Your contribution helps us in our commitment to improve and expand services to our members. Please see below some of our special programs which are mostly ran by our volunteer network, that you can choose to help specifically.

Do you make any purchases through

The U.S. Trager Association will receive 4-7% of the amount of your purchase, at no cost to you if you click on the Amazon link here. You can then sign-in & use your regular Amazon account, including those of you with Amazon prime (the percentage we receive is based on the volume of purchases). This fundraising is crucial for our small organization to help us spread the word about Trager® & to keep dues down so that membership is affordable.

Marketing COMMITTEE Fund

USTA’s Marketing Committee allocates funds towards various projects that could otherwise not be provided without donations made from members. Projects that have fallen under the Marketing Committee in the past have included the creation and printing of Trager® Approach brochures, purchasing the rights to publish certain articles on the USTA website, and the creation of the new USTA website in 2019. Any donations made to the Marketing Committee remains in the account until it is used. In 2019 the focus of this committee will be on the development of the new USTA website and other related efforts to increase the relevance of Trager® terms in the internet.

Law & Legislation Committee Fund

The Law & Legislation Committee tracks laws and regulations that may affect the right of Trager Practitioners to practice freely without inappropriate licensing or other restrictions. This is an ongoing challenge because new regulations are proposed every year. Day to day expenses of the L&L Committee are minimal but once a year the USTA sponsors one or two members to attend the annual meeting of the Federation of Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork and Somatic Practices Organizations (Federation MBS, The USTA is a founding member of this Federation. The 10 member organizations of the Federation MBS support each other in the regulatory arena and share important organizational knowledge. The connections we have formed in the Federation MBS have been invaluable and the L&L Committee could not be nearly as effective in its mission without them. Donations to the Law & Legislation Fund will primarily support our continued participation as a member of the Federation MBS.

US Foundation for Trager Education and Research


The United States Foundation for Trager Education and Research (Trager Foundation) was established in November 2008, and is the 501-c-3 non-profit, charitable arm of the United States Trager Association (USTA).

Activities of the Trager Foundation include awarding educational scholarships for Trager training and research grants exploring the efficacy of Trager.

The Mission of the Trager Foundation is to support the growth and accessibility of the Trager® Approach throughout the United States via research, scholarship, and outreach.

National Trager Month is celebrated in April each year in honor of Milton Trager’s birthday.

Trager richly influences the unconscious mind; creating a space for each of us to find peace, one body at a time. Let’s consciously help. Your generous donations can help others to learn this work and pass it on!

Donate a session in Milton’s memory once a month or once a year. Randomly choose a client and give a free session or donate the proceeds from a session to the Trager Foundation.

Donations can be made to:

Operations – Expand the work of the Foundation Board through your donation toward operations.

Research Fund – Support clinical and scientific research into the efficacy of the Trager Approach. The Trager Foundation also supports ongoing research projects within the larger international Trager organization. Research Grants are awarded per project based on the available funds and value of the project to fulfill the mission of the Trager Foundation.

Educational Scholarships – Provide funding to students who have successfully completed Level I training. These students are actively pursuing Trager Practitioner certification and have financial need. Scholarships are awarded for a specific Trager Practitioner certification class based on available funds.

NEW in 2018: The Trager Foundation Board expanded the scholarship application to include students applying for Level I trainings. Scholarships are awarded for a specific Level I training based on available funds.

  • Betty Fuller Scholarship: Provide up to 50% of the tuition for a Trager certification class

  • Pay It Forward Scholarship: Provide $500 towards the tuition for a Trager certification class.

DONATIONS: checks payable to the US Foundation for Trager Education and Research can be sent to the Trager Foundation at PO Box 284, Burton, Ohio, 44021. In the USA, these donations are tax-deductible.

For donations with PayPal, debit or credit cards, please use the button below. When donating, please choose the destination of your contribution under the “use this donation for” menu.

Operations Fund

Donations made to the Operations Fund goes into the General Fund for the USTA and is earmarked for special projects for any given year that could otherwise not have been possible without the donations of members.

Regional Donations FUND

The various regions of USTA hold regional meetings and events throughout the year for their members that allow those in the area to learn from one another and continue to grow their Trager® practices. Therefore, members are able to provide a direct donation to a specific region to help offset the costs of these meetings. Any donations made to a region gets allocated to their region and remains in that account until it is used.

Financial Hardship Waiver Fund

We understand that situations may occur from time to time that cause Practitioners to be unable to afford the membership dues required for Practitioner renewal, so a Financial Hardship Policy was established so that Practitioners who are otherwise qualified for renewal of Practitioner status, but cannot renew because their financial situation prevents them from being able to pay the amount of the dues, may renew for one year without the payment of dues. Therefore, donations made to this fund, help pay for these members’ dues renewals.

“Donations to the USTA (except those made to the US Foundation for Trager Education and Research) are not deductible as charitable contributions on your federal tax return. These donations could be deductible as business expenses, so check with your tax advisor if you have questions about that.”