Saturday Evening Entertainment

In my opinion there is nothing like live music to bring a party to the next level! For this reason and more, I am thrilled to be able to say that my vision for a live performance for our event is manifested. Check the link below to see the band, ITO, who will be bringing their unique and moving brand of consciousness-based music to our event. ITO (say: “EE-toe”) is actually part of the Trager family! Lead singer, Galen, and bassist, Simon, are BOTH the incredibly talented grandsons of Stephani-lila Murdoch. (On a side note, the talent in Stephani’s family makes my jaw drop!) Drummer, Michael Lear, is best known to most of you as a long-time Trager Practitioner/Tutor/ and now Instructor! Click that link and check out the band!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to welcome ITO to our Saturday night spot and hope you will all look forward to enjoying live music as a part of your Conference experience.