Fawn Christianson

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Fawn Christianson’s passion since she was 28 yrs old has been to bring forth the best of each person’s life she touches with the Trager Approach.  Through 14 years of mentoring with Dr Trager closely and 25 years of a full time practice in Silicon Valley she continued to deepen her effectiveness with each of her clients. Her experienced dedication to applying the principles and developing communication skills let’s Fawn draw upon  a vast understanding to assist you with more easily gaining ease and optimal functioning in your body, thinking and spirit.

Fawn’s enthusiasm for continuing to better her skillsets brings a refreshing experience to each and everyone of her clients.  She has relocated to Central Coast California, San Luis Obispo County, and returns monthly to the Bay Area so her long time clients continue to benefit.  While in the Bay Area she will make herself available to new clients wanting to benefit from the unique integration of the Trager Approach. 

Please feel free to contact Fawn Christianson to discuss the possibilities for what can serve you best.

Phone: (408) 887-5316

Email: FawnChristianson@gmail.com